What are the types of vehicles Araliya Trading offers?

We supply all makes and models of Japanese and other reputed auto makers from around the globe. Ranging from Cars, Trucks, Buses, Sport utilities, commuter vehicles, construction vehicle , Sports cars, 4X4, heavy vehicles, even farm /agricultural equipment.

How can I confirm and know it is the same vehicle I ordered that is being shipped?
All vehicles that are shipped are identified by a chassis number: When you see a vehicle or an identifying marking on the choice that you make, this indeed will be the identifying mark (chassis Number) that you will see on all the documents forwarded to you along with the image that you first saw on our site.

What inspections are carried out prior to the shipment of my car?
Araliya inspects and corrects all needed and required repairs and maintenance so that we sell you our customer a quality vehicle. We take pride in giving our customers a good quality car at a reasonable price. Certain countries also require certain inspections carried out by particular industry certified institutions such as JAAI, which furnishes the buyer with a certificate of inspection.

What kind of customer support/service can we expect from Araliya Trading Company?
We pride ourselves in providing you our customer the best value for money experience. We are here to assist you through every step of your vehicle buying process in order to make your purchase a pleasant one. We will work with you to ensure that you are a satisfied customer for the long term as we intend to be here with you and to serve you in the years to come. If you have any special request or requirements please ask to speak to Mr. Ismail our Chairman and Managing Director, he will be more than happy to hear your needs and assist you and work with you to the best of his abilities.

What are the countries Araliya Trading exports to?
We export vehicles to all countries.

Who does Araliya Trading Bank with and what are my payment options?
For all Banking and Payment options please go to the Tab labeled PAYMENT OPTIONS on the Araliya site main menu.