GENERAL INFO - Shipping Info

Japan is one of the largest if not the largest exporter of automobiles to the word, they have developed the most sophisticated methods of shipping and logistics to facilitate their ever growing needs. They have one of the most advanced systems developed to handle all its exports of its automotive industry all around the world.

Based on the vessel types that doc into its many ports mainly two forms of shipping is handled. The first by way of (ro-ro) roll on and roll off also known by the industry as car carriers, and the conventional method of containerization, 20� or 40 � whatever may be the case required. Specific countries have specific requirements as certain countries only accommodate the containerized format of shipments.

The newer more unique method of ro-ro(roll on roll off) car carriers is catching on even though its numbers are much less frequent.

We possess great experience and expertise in the method of containerization and are in partnership with organizations that specialize in this field, they possess decades worth of valuable experience in the shipment of containerized cargo.

Our customers too possess the power to arrange for their own freight forwarders to work in conjunction with Araliya. We will assist you all the way through at no extra cost to you of course.

Certainly if our customers requests Araliya to arrange the shipping process we will be more than glad to comply seamlessly and effectively. Most important transparently!!!!!

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