For Sri Lankan Customers holding Government permits

In order to be issued a permit at a concession :

Certain government employees who are eligible for the importation of vehicles with this type of permit can import vehicles that are below one year old at the time of vehicle shipment.
All necessary documents ,regulations and restrictions / conditions pertaining to the import of motor vehicles with a permit of this nature can be obtained from the Ministry of Finance and Planning. Or you can go to their web site at the link below.

Importation of vehicles under the Gift Scheme Permit/ Blue Permit

In order to obtain a permit under the gift scheme or Blue permit , eligible persons who are employed abroad  for a stipulated time frame may gift a vehicle to a blood relative. (please follow the links for eligibility requirements and more details) With this permit individuals may donate/gift to their blood relatives for a value less than current market values, cars, vans , sport utility vehicles or SUV’S  with a specified length of time from the year of manufacture. Please see links below for more detailed information or call us and we will be glad to fill you in on the details.

Services we can provide in
Sri Lanka

Through our Company in Sri Lanka we are able to provide our customers with some valuable services.
They are :

  • Assisting our valuable customers in the application of the permit process.
  • Assisting you in the document process with regards to letters of credit , customs brokers/ clearing agents.
  • Information with regards to financing/leasing  services.  We could also set up meetings with financial organizations for your specific financing needs.
  • Getting your vehicle on the road. Regulatory  assistance with regards to licensing / registration documentation.

Also we are always there to assist you with any questions that you may have from the inception of your inquiry  till you drive off in your vehicle, we don’t stop there we will follow up with you from time to time to see if all your needs have been met. Our customer support staff will be glad to assist you in all your purchase needs.

Our office in Sri Lanka is located at:
43 School Lane
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka  

Tel: +94 77 777 1978 or + 94 777 312 848
Fax : 2581594

Import & Export Control Department. Important links

To whom a vehicle can be donated.   Please follow this link:



Please be aware that regulations change without notice. Please verify all regulations with the relevant authorities when processing your application.